Licensed Massage Therapist Staff

Dean Nicklaw, LMT - Licensed Massage TherapistDean Nicklaw, LMT is a career healthcare professional and the Principal Licensed Massage Therapist at Maui Therapeutic Massage. He has built a strong medical massage practice by excelling in client service for over 30 years.

He does this through the combination of his experience and the consistent quality of his therapeutic massage work in Maui over two decades. Dean has a reputation for giving all of his attention and the very best of his skills to each of his clients, which also accounts for his professional success.

Mr. Nicklaw has obtained the highest level of authentication as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in the State of Hawaii. He is an expert in anatomy, physiology, body systems, massage theory, clinical situations, pathology and massage assessment.

Dean is recognized for his experience in the application of massage and bodywork and specialized massage techniques for the effective treatment of injuries due to auto accidents, injuries on the job and similar conditions. His credentials authorize him to work with physicians anywhere in Hawaii to provide you the therapeutic massage treatment indicated by your physician's diagnosis and prescription.

Dean Nicklaw is also approved to bill your accepted insurance company for reimbursement in Hawaii. He is knowledgeable in claims for no fault auto insurance, worker's compensation, and American Specialty Health Network plans.

At Maui Therapeutic Massage, Dean can assist you in managing your case and guiding you through the paperwork. This gives you time to focus on what you want to do: feel better and get better.