Massage Therapy

Maui Therapeutic Massage specializes in massage therapy treatment programs for auto accident injuries, work-related injuries, and similar conditions. Our licensed massage therapists are highly skilled in providing effective massage therapy. We work with our healthcare service partners  to ensure you receive the comprehensive care you need at Maui Therapeutic Massage.

Insurance Accepted

  • No Fault Auto Insurance
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance
  • American Specialty
    Health Plans

Principal Therapist

Dean Nicklaw, LMT - Principal Therapist

Hi, I’m
Dean Nicklaw

We specialize in the very best therapeutic massage techniques available to alleviate your pain and get you back in top form.

We work with our healthcare provider partners at the Longevity Health Center or your healthcare providers to ensure the comprehensive care you need.


Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic Massage
Chiropractic Treatment
Chiropractic Treatment
Acupuncture Sessions
Acupuncture Sessions

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